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  1. VSTEP SPEAKING PART 1 Trương Văn Ánh Trường Đại học Sài Gòn
  2. To start your speaking part 1, you should actively introduce yourself with a request: May I introduce myself? You should enlarge your answer and should not use only “Yes” or “No”. Use the connectors/conjunctions to link the ideas so that the speech is coherent: Which season do you like the best? My favourite season is summer because I can eat my favourite cream. Moreover, my family can go on a holiday together when my children are off school.
  3. You should paraphrase the questions and should not use the same structures as the ones in the questions: What do you often do in your free time? Well, there is no one thing I enjoy doing in my spare time. I have various interests. I love watching TV, listening to music and going shopping with friends at the weekend. You should be friendly and smile during the examination.
  4. 1. HOBBIES - What do you do in your free time? Whenever I have free time, I usually listen to music. I am a big fan of pop music: Britney Spears- Come On Over Baby, Michael Jackson- Thriller. It brings me simple sounds which help me to relax after hard- working days. I also have an interest in reading books. In my pastime, I usually read some comics to amuse myself. Well, my favorite comic book is Doremon. I have a collection of these comics.
  5. - Do you prefer spending your time alone or with others? Well, instead of staying alone, I really like spending my time hanging out with my family and friends. They can give me much useful help in my work as well as interesting ideas to enjoy life. Besides them, I never feel alone with terrible mood. Sharing time with others makes my brain energetic and it works effectively latter.
  6. - What are good hobbies and bad hobbies? Oh, this is an interesting question. From my point of view. Good hobbies are those that give us the opportunity to develop new skills. For example, reading books or travelling helps us to broaden our knowledge. Bad hobbies, on the other hand, may result in our acquiring bad habits. For example, playing computer games can make us neglect our studies and work.
  7. 2. PETS - What is your favourite pet? Keeping pets is one of my hobbies and the one I like best is dogs, especially Bull dogs. It is believed to be the most royal pet. Besides, a dog is very intelligent so that it can understand our mood. Its voice and activities can help me to relax after hours of working.
  8. - Do you have a pet at home? Of course, I have a Bull dog at home. I have had him for almost one year and I call him Bin. There are many wrinkle in his face which make him look so cute. My Bull is gentle and not too difficult to look after. Whenever I returned home, he come to me and acted so fondly. It seemed that he can understand my thoughts and gestures. I love him so much.
  9. - What are the benefits of keeping pets? As far as I know, keeping pets can bring us many advantages. Firstly, they may be our good friends. We can sharing time with them in watching TV, walking Oh, while you are walking in the park with your pet, you can have chance to make friends with others. Besides, playing with a pet, we can increase the brain activity and enhance pleasure and tranquility.
  10. 3. FRUITS - Do you like fruits? Why? I enjoy eating fruits so much. Each of them has it own smell and taste but to me, they are all delicious. Eating a lot fruits provides us with necessary vitamins which are very good for our health.
  11. - What is your favourite fruit? Well, I would say that I’m quite passionate about all types of tropical fruits, especially orange. This is mainly because orange is cheap to buy, easy to eat. As it’s very popular in Vietnam, I can buy orange in almost markets or supermarkets, even though from some peddlers on streets. It’s so tasty!
  12. - How important is fruit to your health? Certainly, fruits is considered as a natural source of vitamins. They are not only good for our health but also help us to take care our beauty, especially our skin. It’d better for us to choose seasonal fruits for daily diet.
  13. 4. MEALS OF THE DAY - What is your favourite meal of the day? Among meals of the day, I usually spend much time on breakfast. It’s considered as the most important one. As breakfast supplies necessary nutrients for the day long, I have a diverse menu for this meal including bread, eggs, noodles, salads and some types of drink such as milk, soya and fruit juices.
  14. - Do you cook it or someone else does it for you? My mother usually prepares meals for me. I love all dishes made by her. However, when I live far from home, I have to cook by myself. At the beginning, it seemed to be difficult and out of my ability. However, I’ve become a big fan of cook day by day. Although I have to get up earlier and go to the kitchen, I find it interesting to cook and enjoy my favorite food.
  15. - What time is good to have meals? As far as I am concerned, the optimum time to have breakfast is shortly after 6 am, with 6:30am picked as ideal. Lunch is best enjoyed earlier rather than later with the key time between 12.30pm and 1pm. And the best time to eat dinner is 6 pm to 6:30 pm.
  16. 5. PARKS - Do you like to go to the park? Certainly, I usually walk in the park with my pet or my friends. Sometimes, I go to the park with my family at the weekends. The atmosphere there is very fresh with many big trees and immense greens.
  17. - Do people go to parks in your area? Yes. As you may see, there many people who walk in the park every morning and late afternoon. Public parks provide people in my area wit[h the opportunity to be physically active.
  18. - What makes a good park? From my point of view, an idea park is one which has a lot of trees and ponds to look at, lots of grass to walk on and fresh air. A good park should have lots of walking paths that people can wander along. Well, it should be centrally located and accessible to people of all generations.
  19. 6. NEIGHBORS - Do you know the people who live next door to you? I know my neighbors quite well. There are 3 people in their family, including a young couple and a cute son. They're really nice people. They are also very polite so that there are seldom arguments between us.
  20. - Do you get on well with your neighbors? Certainly, it's important to get on well with the people who live next door. I always stop to talk whenever I see them. Sometimes, I help them to take care of their baby or pick him up from kindergarten. And of course, so do they.
  21. - In what way are neighbors helpful? We all want good neighbors because they are closet people whom we share the daily life with. Therefore, I would like to live near friendly and helpful people who can at least smile and say hello whenever we meet each other. Even neighbors can helps each other in some necessary case.
  22. 7. HOUSE - Do you live in a house or a flat? Currently, I live in a small house with family, which is located in a small town. It has got a living room, 3 bed rooms with attached washroom and a kitchen. I have been living there since I was born.
  23. - What are some disadvantages of living in an apartment? I had lived in an apartment for 4 year when I study at university. Hence, I found some drawbacks of apartment living such as noise from neighbors (especially if walls are thin), sharing spaces as yard, balcony or flat roof You may also get trouble with your roommate or neighbors.
  24. - Can you describe your dream house? If I would be given a chance, I would like to live in a house that is neither too big nor too small, but with just the right size, where there are a living room, just one or maybe two bedrooms with attached washroom and a kitchen. To me, decorating is very important, I want to do it by myself, follow my own style.
  25. 8. TRAVELLING - Do you like traveling? Of course, I have a strong preferences for journey. Not only is travelling best way to relax, but it also help me to widen my knowledge. I usually go with my friend or my family. Sometimes, I also choose going alone in a strange city. It gives me the feeling of adventure.
  26. - Do you like traveling alone or with others? Well, I would prefer to travel with other. Firstly, traveling with a companion is safer because we can support and help each other if something happened. It is more exciting and interesting as we can share all beautiful moments and new experiences. Finally, it helps to save some money because companions can share all expenses on gas, hotels, etc.
  27. - What do you often do on your holiday? I usually spend my holidays in the mountains. I am a big fan of climbing. Standing in the top of mountain, I can inhale fresh air as well as see the beautiful picture of landscape below. Sometimes, I also go to the sea to change atmosphere.
  28. 9. MOVIES - Do you like watching movies? I have to say I am really mad of watching film, especially those are about love. It’s so fantastic to find myself in some characters. Sometimes, I also like to see comedies in order to cheer me up.
  29. - What kind of movies do you like? Why? As a great film lover, I like all sorts of film. However, if I had to choose 1, it would be Romantic, because they are sentimental and sometimes provides me moral story about love and life.
  30. - Do you prefer watching films on TV at home or at the cinema? I prefer watching film at cinema. It can provide me more exciting atmosphere. Besides, the surround sound system at the cinema brings the characters to life and enhances the special effects. Even I can enjoy a night out with my friends.
  31. 10. LEARNING LANGUAGES - What foreign language(s) do you study? As you know I study English and I love it very much. Besides, I also learn French. I have learned it for two years. I like it, too. However, I prefer English to French.
  32. Good luck!