Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 2 - Trình độ B: Từ vựng - Trương Văn Ánh

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Nội dung text: Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 2 - Trình độ B: Từ vựng - Trương Văn Ánh

  1. Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 2 Trình độ B – Từ vựng Trương Văn Ánh Trường Đại học Sài Gòn
  2. Exercises 1 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. The party is terrible. A. boring B. interesting C. awful D. ugly 2. Fizz is fantastic. A. beautiful B. wonderful C. hopeful D. useful 3. What you have to do is to select the channel. A. choose B. play C. use D. make 4. That man is a well-known doctor. A. famous B. intelligent C. good D. slow 5. When the athlete failed, he seemed very disappointed. A. hopeful B. hopeless C. useless D. bored
  3. 6. An athlete can take part in some events. A. games B. matches C. reports D. records 7. Every day she prepares the meals for everybody. A. does B. makes C. uses D. cooks 8. They discussed the international problems. A. talked to B. talked about C. talked over D. looked at 9. It's very cold. So she needs a ___. A. pillow B. blanket C. radio D. car 10. She can 't eat the candy because it 's very ___. A. soft B. good C. hard D. ugly
  4. Exercises 2 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. His cassette recorder is terrific. A. terrible B. horrible C. fantastic D. Both A and B 2. On the strange planet, they could not find any intelligent life. A. plant B. animal C. man D. tree 3. The spaceship descended slowly through the clouds. A. landed B. took off C sat down D. climbed 4. The man asked the woman politely, but she did not reply. A. say B. speak C. answer D. tell 5. The worker asked the boss for some days off. A. director B. employer C. captain D. principal
  5. 6. When you are in the army, you may have a lot of opportunities. A. chances B. ways C. methods D. soldiers 7. After talking to the sergeant, Tommy Briggs signed a paper. A. wrote B. wrote his name in C. took D. got 8. All the students have to take the final test. A. lesson B. examination C. unit D. lecture 9. He has not been able to find a job because he has not got any qualification. A. study B. work C. diploma D. survey 10. He wants to get some information, but he can not find the brochure. A. book B. booklet C. notebook D. magazine
  6. Exercises 3 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. When a test is approaching, the students are focusing on the lessons. A. studying B. learning C. concentrating D. Both A and B 2. When you need further information, please ring me at any time. A. phone B. ask C. tell D. answer 3. Mr Brown took his application form to a new company. A. lecture B. suitcase C. petition D. competition 4. His daughter learns in a secondary school. A. high B. elementary C. middle D. basic 5. The explosion terribly damaged the house. A. shot B. fired C. harmed D. Both A and B
  7. 6. During the time of the volcanic eruption the houses were shaken violently. A. rocked B. held C. collapsed D. Both A and B 7. I f a citizen wants to work legally, he must have a work permit. A. allowance B. offer C. license D. certificate 8. The announcement seems very fantastic to them. A. report B. review C. interview D. notice 9. The flight begins approximately 10 o'clock. A. nearly B. about C. at D. Both A and B 10. That man looks silly in the suit. A. wise B. foolish C. nervous D. gentle
  8. Exercises 4 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. He does not go to the cinema because he is tired of films. A. wants B. needs C. likes D. dislikes 2. Yesterday she did not appear at the dinner party. A. show up B. look after C. call on D. look up 3. He thinks that her boyfriend is impolite to him. A. kind B. gentle C. rude D. friendly 4. The contestants were very nervous before they began. A. applicants B. candidates C. accountants D. participants 5. All the tasks have been fully finished. A. nearly B. clearly C. cheaply D. completely
  9. 6. Could you take a message when the boss is out? A. news B. piece of news C. passage D. piece of cake 7. The news is very urgent; you have to photocopy at once. A. important B. emergent C. necessary D. useful 8. He becomes suspicious when he has seen the driver many times. A. is interested B. seems tired C. does not believe D. does not check 9. It began to rain when they were climbing the mount. A. seemed B. happened C. started D. amused 10. The student was embarrassed when he answered the questions. A. confused B. refused C. amused D. pleased
  10. Exercises 5 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. He is invited to be a member of the jury in a court case. A. yard B. trial C. lecture D. discussion 2. The man in the robbery was captured last week. A. held B. arrested C. tried D. checked 3. A lawyer plays a very important role in a court case. A. lecturer B. solicitor C. judge D. referee 4. The landlady invited him to the dining room. A. woman B. manager C. hostess D. boss 5. The glass of the new house is very clear. A. transparent B. clean C. plastic D. loud
  11. 6. At the gas station an attendant was very polite to him. A. worker B. manager C. clerk D. shop assistant 7. The motorist showed his license to a traffic warden. A. driver B. mechanic C. policeman D. attendant 8. His grandfather uses a cane when he goes out. A. stick B. branch C. tree D. bar 9. The headmaster was the chairman in the assembly. A. doctor B. teacher C. principal D. manager 10. After the party they said au revoir to each other. A. goodbye B. farewell C. wish D. Both A and B
  12. Exercises 6 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. When the victim woke up in hospital, he was conscious. A. careful B. sob C. nervous D. worried 2. The crewman was very brave to fight against the hijackers. A. pilot B. sailor C. soldier D. policeman 3. After the battle the scene was very horrible. A. screen B. curtain C. sight D. place 4. It has been rumoured that a lot of people have seen UFOs. A. flying saucer B. spaceship C. spacecraft D. Flying plate 5. The couple wondered if it was an UFO. A. knew B. checked C. asked themselves D. replied
  13. 6. The wrecked ship belonged to a corporation in Hong Kong. A. pertained B. carried C. pulled D. held 7. The weather is moderate at this time of the year. A. high B. low C. severe D. average 8. The staff was surprised at the miserable news. A. amused B. shocked C. terrified D. frightened 9. At the airport people can buy duty-free souvenirs. A. cheap B. expensive C. exempt D. severe 10. Today Mr Timothy has some visitors in the living-room. A. guests B. strangers C. newcomers D. lecturers
  14. Exercises 7 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. Answering the questions, the candidate looked very embarrassed. A. perplexed B. amused C. excited D. frightened 2. When her friend was rude to him, he was very angry. A. anxious B. curious C. furious D. conscious 3. Ma Giam Sinh was the man who looked very smart. A. handsome B. funny C. complete D. well- known 4. In his garden he owns a wonderful selection of nice flowers. A. collection B. injection C. suggestion D. combination 5. The groom is wearing a new suit. A. pulling B. taking C. putting D. none is correct
  15. 6. These people in the village often cook their meals with wood. A. sticks B. straw C. leaves D. coal 7. When the monster appeared, the lady was very terrified. A. shocked B. panicked C. mimicked D. wicked 8. In the last century human beings achieved a lot of breakthrough. A. loss B. knowledge C. properties D. science 9. The scientist illustrated the new theory with charts. A. pictures B. diagrams C. figures D. numbers 10. His lover left him, so he was very disappointed. A. girlfriend B. girl C. friend D. sweetheart
  16. Exercises 8 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. The National Assembly suggested reducing some taxes due to bad crops. A. increasing B. decreasing C. fixing D. establishing 2. The idea seemed reasonable. A. sensitive B. sensible C. possible D. digestive 3. On the way to the castle the caravan was mugged. A. robbed B. attacked C. ambushed D. smuggled 4. Famine is often a problem facing Africa. A. Inflation B. Depression C. Crisis D. Starvation 5. Farming is in great need of fertilizer. A. material B. manure C. mixture D. agent
  17. 6. The temporary government had ruled the country before the election. A. provisional B. contemporary C. moderate D. revolutionary 7. The man in black was mad. A. insane B. wicked C. gentle D. blamed 8. Mary took the exam and got good marks. A. points B. degrees C. grades D. comments 9. Once upon a time, there was a king who was very wicked. A. Formally B. Formerly C. At first D. For the first 10. The hostage shivered in front of the violent gangster. A. cold B. shook C. trembled D. rocked
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