Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 3 - Trình độ C: Từ vựng - Trương Văn Ánh

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Nội dung text: Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 3 - Trình độ C: Từ vựng - Trương Văn Ánh

  1. Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 3 Trình độ C – Từ vựng Trương Văn Ánh Trường Đại học Sài Gòn
  2. Exercises 1 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. When she typed the report, she made too many mistakes. A. false B. fools C. fun D. faults 2. The representative made a speech on behalf of the American ambassador. A. chairman B. delegate C. clerk D. senior official 3. Talking about uncle Ba Phi, we can tell a lot of humorous stories of various subjects on the country life in U Minh area. A. themes B. anecdotes C. portraits D. characters 4. The artist sang a famous extract from Da Co Hoai Lang (a night song of missing husband - a traditional melody in South Vietnam). A. drawing B. selected painting C selected passage D. withdrawing 5. Ca Mau BIDV is a branch of Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam. A. company B. liaison C. division D. committee
  3. 6. Uncle Ho is considered a brilliant revolutionary leader by people all over the world. A. outstanding B. famous C. intelligent D. patriotic 7. Besides bird sanctuary, Bac Lieu is specially known for its longan orchard. A. especially B. particularly C. extremely D. Both A and B 8. At the age of 13, he left his family to take part in secretly revolutionary activities in Ca Mau town. A. participate B. engage C. attend D. Both A and B 9. In 2001 Binladen persuaded extreme muslims to fight against many countries in the world. A. told B. tempted C. convinced D. permitted 10. That couple met each other casually at a party and have fallen in love since then. A. by themselves B. by chance C. by the way D. by email
  4. Exercises 2 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. A lot of farmers began to culture shrimps on their farms. Actually, shrimp culture is not often profitable work. A. What is more B. As a matter of fact C. Accordingly D. Hence 2. The guest could not fall asleep because the child 's successively beating the drum annoyed him. A. amused B. avoided C. irritated D. stuffed 3. Newspapers and magazines in both Vietnamese and foreign languages are available in any newsstand. A. bookshop B. bookstand C. newsshop D. papershop 4. The firemen, policemen and soldiers had been extinguishing the woods fire near Sydney for a week, but they could not. A. Putting out B. putting off C. putting on D. putting into 5. During the time of peace, all military forces are always fortified in order to be able to defend the country at any time. A. fastened B strengthened C. pulled D. attacked
  5. 6. In Argentina social and political turbulence occurred constantly at the end of 2001. A. demonstration B. strike C. disturbance D. failure 7. A fraudulent counterpart can not always succeeded in conducting transactions with others. A. deceitful B. dishonest C. false D. Both A and B 8. She went to the lecture, but she could not understand the content because the professor used a lot of jargons. A. expressions B. technical terms C. proverbs D. sayings 9. To prevent the salinity of sea water, the specialists suggested that a system of parallel dykes should be built along Ca Mau coast. A. proposed B. commented C. reported D. required 10. The decaying feudalism collapsed in Vietnam in 1945 and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam came into existence. A. fell down B. failed C. ended D. ceased
  6. Exercises 3 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. Having stayed in the U Minh forest, tourists are always unbearably nosey gliding along densely winding arroyos. A. anxious B. curious C. mysterious D. furious 2. In public places such as parks, zoos or the ground around schools, palaces, etc., the lawns are regularly mowed by workers. A. shot B. shared C. cleared D. trimmed 3. When we send an email to someone, we also want to attach something to it such as a photograph, a card and so on. A. connect to B. turn on C. come up with D. sign with 4. Looking after infants is of great patience, devotion and sacrifice of the adults. A. children B. child C. larvae D. creatures 5. At sunset looking up into the sky, one can see a lot of flocks of birds came back to their nests, flying one after another. A. schools B. groups C. numbers D. amounts
  7. 6. Under the mangrove trees in the U Minh forests, one can sometimes catch turtles inhabiting the shades. A. reptiles B. crocodiles C. tortoises D. Both A and C 7. In the middle ages Mongol army was considered the most aggressive in the world. A. violent B. persuasive C. offensive D. comprehensive 8. Although all the boats were gathered and anchored firmly at the quays, Storm 9 smashed a lot of them into planks. A. wood B. boards C. bars D. leaves 9. Those who abandon their friends when they have difficulty are not good ones. A. leave B. support C. aid D. blame 10. In Cho Quan hospital, you can see a lot of patients who are partly or completely crazy. A. insane B. lunatic C. sober D. Both A and B
  8. Exercises 4 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. Deforestation has ruined the climate on the earth because one has cut down a lot of trees. A. spoiled B. disturbed C. checked D. equipped 2. When the robber tried to open the safe, the alarms all over the bank went off at once. A. ran B. rang C. brought D. phoned 3. After Linda storm, the government concentrated on assisting the victims 'families . A. based B. depended C. checked D. focused 4. It is very dirty for the children to play in the puddles on the roads after it has rained heavily. A. pools B. tanks C. jugs D. pitchers 5. The chairman of the conference was very careful to answer the questions put by the cub reporter. A. young B. inexperienced C. short D. Both A and B
  9. 6. At most of pagodas, monks meditate on spiritual matters in quiet places almost every day. A. talk deeply B. say deeply C. pray deeply D. think deeply 7. Having followed his father as an ambassador to many countries, he has a good basis to learn languages. A. history B. foundation C. knowledge D. idea 8. Equipped with modern tools, the department of meteorology can forecast the changes of the weather accurately. A. tell B. check C. predict D. notice 9. A lot of burglaries have been forgot and a lot of criminals have lived illegally freely. A. thefts B. robberies C. crimes D. mysteries 10. Traditionally, when a humble person goes in front of a VIP , the former offends the latter. A. blames B. hurts C. insults D. Both A and B
  10. Exercises 5 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. On the occasion of the arrival of the new US ambassador, the chairman of people 's committee of Ha Noi gave a banquet for him. A. party B. check C. slogan D. motto 2. He is an eccentric old man: He works at night; he doesn't eat rice; and he always sings as he cries in the evenings. A. conventional B. normal C. peculiar D. traditional 3. We should not take a lot of vitamins of all kinds; on the contrary, we should have enough nourishing foods. A. good B. healthy C. nutritious D. plentiful 4. Under the strict rule of Taliban, some kinds of normal foods such as chocolate, etc. are extremely scarce. A. available B. plentiful C. rare D. medium 5. In Baku it was so cold that the pipe was broken and the oil from the pipe flowed out. A. flew B. blew C. poured D. emptied
  11. 6. In our society corporal punishment, for instance, whipping and beating are strictly forbidden. A. mental B. legal C. educational D. physical 7. After a football season in Europe, several football stars are transferred from one club to another. A. brought B. moved C. taken D. All are correct 8. I n the castle in the forest, the prince met a girl who was very charming and gentle. A. intelligent B. smart C. attractive D. beautiful 9. In the remote countryside, women never wear make up even when they participated in festivals. A. cosmetics B. dresses C. costumes D. All are correct 10. Up to now FBI and CIA have not been able to find the mystery of the assassin of President Kennedy. A. death B. murderer C. traitor D. director
  12. Exercises 6 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. Simple compositions in elementary level consist of describing things, animals and people. A. showing B. telling C. depicting D. imagining 2. Having been trained in the army, that man always looks mature when he talks or does anything. A. experienced B. educated C. qualified D. simplified 3. Politicians and statesmen ,contacting everybody anywhere, frequently seem sociable. A. wise B. intelligent C. friendly D. Both A and B 4. In our country government imposes high taxes on the goods which are imported from other countries. A. fixes B. places C. applies D. checks 5. As gentle people, we should not despise the handicapped, but always be ready to help them. A. wounded B. hurt C. defected D. disabled
  13. 6. Some remote places in Ca Mau have been changed from wild and uncultivated land to abundant one. A. inserted B. converted C. installed D. fertilized 7. Before leaving on an expedition for South Pole, Amundsens had prepared adequate supplies. A. convenient B. comfortable C. sufficient D. modern 8. A road leading to Nam Can was constructed two years ago, but it is still uneven. A. smooth B. rough C. asphalted D. slippery 9. During the storm all the boats at sea were overturned . A. capsized B. sunk C. drowned D. failed 10. Bad people often distort others ' words and points of views in order to degrade them and upgrade himself/herself indirectly. A. reshape B. misrepresent C. blame D. criticize
  14. Exercises 7 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. The terrible explosions caused by the plane crashes on November 9th completely destroyed two highest buildings of the World Trade Center in New York. A. rocks B. blasts C. attacks D. terrors 2. In Vietnam most of Hi- Tech equipment for machines have to be imported from developed countries. A. components B. machines C. stools D. Both A and C 3. Every year high school students in Bac Lieu win some national awards in English. A. credit cards B. medals C. orders D. prizes 4. On his vacation he popped up at his friends' houses all over the country. A. visited B. saw C. appeared D. met 5. In a traffic accident his car crashed into a truck, and one of his legs was broken terribly. A. cut B. fractured C. shared D. amputated
  15. 6. Our hospital is in great need of white spirit made from sugar canes grown in Thoi Binh district. A. wine B. alcohol C. gin D. rum 7. Sometimes Mrs Smith had a discount from the shop because she was its usual customer. A. patient B. acquaintance C. client D. clerk 8. The house was last painted ten years ago, so the paint on the walls and doors is discoloured. A. fade B. worn C. defected D. damaged 9. Having gone on a diet for a long time, she becomes slim and more and more beautiful. A. thin B. lean C. fat D. stout 10. Scientists have been doing their research and wondering if there are intelligent creatures in strange planets in the universe. A. new B. unknown C. alien D. secret
  16. Exercises 8 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to complete the blank best: 1. The mason broke his backbone while he was working on the third floor of the unfinished house and fell down. A. rib B. thigh C. spine D. knee 2. Studying overseas and missing her, he has sent a lot of emails to her, but she has never replied. A. written B. responded C. answered D. Both B and C 3. Because the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, a lot of flights were delayed or even cancelled. A. put off B. picked up C. laid off D. All are correct 4. Le Long Dinh, named lying-at-court king Le, has been considered the most brutal king under the feudalism in Vietnam history. A. brave B. bold C. merciless D. tough 5. In the yard of Phung Ngoc Liem elementary school, a statue was erected to honour the memory of martyr Phung Ngoc Liem. A. set up B. put up C. picked up D. planned
  17. 6. A bartender who mixes some kind of alcohol to the tastes of customers often works in a restaurant. A. mingles B. makes C. creates D. distills 7. A heart-broken person often sits dully in a quiet corner or roams everywhere without purpose. A. rides B. wanders C. gallops D. jogs 8. To culture shrimps successfully, farmers should conduct careful plans with the help of technicians. A. calm B. correct C. wise D. elaborate 9. She is really fed up with the way in that he often whispers his words of love into her ears. A. says B. talks C. tells D. murmurs 10. At the party on the occasion of the end of the year, the president of the corporation declared the dividend to the shareholders. A. division B. share of profits C. bankruptcy D. auction
  18. Good luck!